School Magazine "SJC SPARKS - 2019/20"

St.Joseph's Convent Sr. Sec. School ,Fetri in a solemn function released the school magazine "SJC SPARKS -2019/20" in the presence of esteemed guests-Dr.SharmishtaGupta, and Sr.David Delaney both of whom are motivational speakers and counsellors. Also present were the Manager Sr.Lorraine Marie, Principal Sr.Ritika Michael and School Staff. This year the school magazine reflects the theme 'PROTECT, PROMOTE, PRESERVE LIFE’. It also celebrates students' achievements and honours them through the illustrious pages of the magazine. The Principal of the school thanked the guests for releasing the magazine and the students for their expressions of creativity and imagination that sparked from the young minds all of which are a valuable contribution to the magazine. She appreciated the editorial board especially the Chief Editor, Sr.Lorraine Marie for her hardwork and dedication to bring out the valuable souvenir.